Fake ID Card

We detect a lot of reasons to possess a fake ID card, and that could involve committing a crime and you want a clean chit, hiding the identity, lifting the age restriction to get into the nightclubs and such venues where your ID card gets checked.

And doing illegal purchases of alcohol and cigarettes, and found to be part of fraudulent activities such as obtaining loans from banks, social security fraud, and the high-level fraud of bypassing the immigration checks.

If you do have a legitimate ID card, you still can get a fake one and commit such fraudulent activities. Although, we do not recommend doing it deliberately but make it more like getting into such mishaps naturally.

The fake but real-alike ID card should be scannable and are often guaranteed to pass the UV tests.

It is like they do contain the proper chips storing all your data plus the barcode, so almost all the ID card readable machines cannot easily detect being a fake one.

If you ask us, those fake ID cards act like the real ones and work perfectly anywhere you go.

Fake ID

Fake ID is not the easiest task to obtain. Fake ID is the need of time because the forgers who go into illegal activities are the prime customers seeking to obtain fake ID cards.

It gives you almost clean credentials to roam freely in the country with your name and the real picture.

The ID cards are the ones that go blacklisted, and to avoid this situation, the best possible solution is, of course, to get the fake ID.

Fake ID Scanning

If that is what your issuer can provide a guarantee for fake ID scanning, then you have the real-alike fake card.

The scanning machines in and around the country should not be able to detect its fake build. Backed with all the real information, barcodes, and the installed chips will be able to pass all the tests.

Even on the immigration counters at the airport, you will be able to get seamless access to it. Buying from us, we punch down all the real information in the database which is the first and foremost a guaranteed step the ID card would be able to pass the scanning.

Romanian ID Card

There are so many restrictions on Romanian citizens.

The first one that is increasingly severe, they cannot enter the United Kingdom with their Romanian ID card twice a year.

So to trick this restriction, how about getting the fresh Romanian Identification Card (Carte de identitate) from us and enjoying going multiple times to the U.K. in a one-year time?

That is the first step in unlocking the multiple entries in the U.K. that allows the Romanian citizens to travel to the United Kingdom without a problem.

Also, the Romanian ID card can be used to travel to specific countries and it would not require a Romanian passport at all. So, that’s one heck of an advantage!

Italian ID Card

Italian ID Card (Carta d’identità Elettronica Italiana) is mandatory for the citizens living in Italy and can be issued to the Italians living abroad.

With that in mind, the Italian ID card enables the right of free movement to travel freely in specific countries that fall under the European Economic Area and Switzerland where you do not need to present an Italian passport.

Whenever you need the ID card for Italy, get in touch with us.

How to Make a Fake ID

We do not recommend this step and doing it all on your own. The forged identity-making process should be done by the experienced ones only to not get caught.

The experienced forgers take note of minute-to-minute details which can avoid the detection of being a fake ID card.

Still, if you are confident enough (or better say the risk-taker, we unveil the whole step of how to make a fake ID.

Simply Scan the Real ID Card

Get anyone’s ID card and scan it to start with creating the fake ID.

Scan the card from the front to back to make sure everything is in place, especially the barcode.

Open with Photoshop

After the successful scan, open the image in Photoshop to start adjusting the ID card.

Place the Photo over ID Card

It is now time to replace the current photo with yours or anyone’s face picture.

Make sure all the size, background, and everything match with the ID card’s already-existed picture.

Use the Exact Font

Do not make a mistake here — use the right and exact font and size that is previously used on the ID card.

Retain the Background

Entering the text or letters on the new ID card will disturb the background as it would rather go with the white color.

The best practice here is to copy the background by zooming in close to the letters/text from the original ID card’s scanned window and paste it close to the area where you are modifying the text.

Change What You Need to Change

Enter all the text containing name, date of birth, license number, codes, etc that you want to reflect on the new fake ID card.

Make sure everything is properly aligned.

Print Out the Front and Back as per the Size of  Cardstock

After you have the card’s front and back printed out and endorsed on the cardstocks, cut it out accordingly using the scissor.

Glue the Both Sides

Once you have endorsed both sides on the cardstocks, apply the layer of glue on the backsides and let it dry for 4 to 8 hours.


Lastly, laminate the ID card after all the steps are done!


Fake ID cards are the need of the time, and it is a sad state as well.

We do not know when the bad can happen to us. And it keeps our name safe and out of the law’s approach, it is time to try obtaining the fake ID card.

We offer the exclusive service of ID Cards containing all the best practices. Speak out your issue with us and we will get you the ID cards of different countries.