Fake Marriage Certificate

There are countless reasons to get a fake marriage certificate. The common and the top-most reason is to evade the U.S. immigration law which is, of course, required to have to get entitled for successfully obtaining a green card.

However, there is a stern action that could be taken in terms of punishment and fine whether or not you are a U.S. citizen or foreigner who arrived in the country in the hope to bypass the immigration laws and gain citizenship by employing fake marriage fraud.

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Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate brings in more perks than a living relationship. Many foreigners try numerous ways to win citizenship but almost everyone ends up getting married to the citizen born or living with the citizenship status of that country.

Fake Marriage Certificate Online

It is rather easier to make the marriage certification online fake than go to the council and do the trick.

The councils would not entertain such a request, and you may end up going behind the bars for it.

Then comes taking advantage of online resources like us who are always ready to serve!

Fake Marriage Certificate

It is probably you are taking the route of obtaining the marriage certificate fake to stop your deportation or you do not want to go into the real marriage; this route is then taken to look legal, act legally.

Crafted with extra caution, the professional fake marriage certificate makers can certainly make it look real and even you can testify it in the council with real data stored into the database!

Fake Marriage Certificate Copy

There are many marriage certificate templates available on the internet where you can easily take the marriage certificate copy and try your own luck to make it at home.

Still, going with your own associates has a higher level of risk, so do understand running into severe circumstances if you tend to bypass the help of a professional.

How to Get a Fake Marriage Certificate Online

Go with us if you want professional service on getting the marriage certificate.

But yes, you can do your own homework to create it.

So, it really is not a hell of a process of how to get a marriage certificate Texas or in any state the criteria almost be the same, and we are talking about the real one;

  • Order in-person by going to the local records office or the courthouse
  • Phone them to request the creation of a marriage certificate
  • Request through fax
  • Over the internet, if your local records office allows and has the feature

If you were married overseas, you must contact the United States Embassy or the Consulate office of the country where the marriage had taken place and follow the instructions to obtain the marriage certificate.

There is also a need to have a birth certificate upon having a child, so do not keep it lingering for long and get the birth certificate as soonest possible.

Marriage License vs Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is the sort of document that proves that you are married in real life. Whereas a marriage license is the type of document obtained from the marriage council before the marriage takes place.

The marriage certificate is an important document that testified the legality of two persons’ marriage and should be considered valid at the state and federal levels.

Divorce Certificate

This is life and any mishaps can happen. Divorce is another turn of life. So to go with this route and all legally, get the divorce certificate ready after all the settlements and processing.

It is quite a needed document that needs your bitter attention as not having one time can get you into many troubles.

Work Permit

Apart from all the above certificates, the work permit enables you to do the work legally in the country.

Especially when you are not a citizen of the country, working without obtaining a work permit is illegal. Not your employer but you can invite irreparable harm to yourself.

The same goes for a college/university degree. If you do not have one, get the fake degree certificate to win a good white-collared job for yourself given the fact, you know what is involved in performing the job well.


Now, that you know how easy and efficient it is to get a fake marriage certificate online.

Do not ever try to hit the council for raising such a request, don’t!

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